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This map accurately depicts the highways, streets, water, parks, and cultural institutions of Seattle's central neighborhoods using nothing but type. Every single piece of type was manually placed, a process that took hundreds of hours to complete.

From downtown on Puget Sound's Elliott Bay through Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Lake Union and beyond, a picture of the heart of Seattle comes together from thousands of pieces of manually-placed words and letters. Water is given a light blue color underneath the text in order to highlight all of the piers and jetties along the shoreline. Look for Huskies Stadium hidden among the text for the University of Washington-Seattle. And although it might have a small footprint, we couldn't leave out the Space Needle, shown as a bullet point with a ring around it in Seattle Center.

The map is based on place names and geography as they appear in Open Street Map.

These are offset prints on 100lb stock (semigloss finish).